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I have been in an accident. What do I do now?
First, call emergency services. Dial 911. Request an ambulance, if necessary. Be sure to contact the police and make a report. Then CALL US! We will use our experience to guide you through the claim and the repair process.

Can I choose who repairs my vehicle?
Yes! You can get as many estimates as you like, but your insurance company HAS to pay whatever shop you choose. It is YOUR vehicle being repaired, not theirs. You are the one that has to live with the quality of the repair!

I want to make a claim. Do I need to contact my insurance company?
Yes! The only person that can make a claim on your policy is you. We will be happy to write an estimate, take pictures and send all of the information to your insurance company for you; but YOU do need to contact them to let them know that you would like to make a claim.

My insurance company says I have to use a certain shop to get a warranty. What does that mean?
At Jim's Collision we carry our own warranty, so NO MATTER WHAT you'll be covered as long as you own your car!

How do deductibles work?
Deductibles are like a co-pay to your Doctor. Different types of claims will have different deductibles. For example: your glass/deer (comprehensive) deductible may be $100, while your collision deductible is different. It all depends on your policy. You and your insurance company decide all of that when you purchase your policy.

Do scratches mean a new paint job?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Depending on how deep the scratch goes will determine if repainting is necessary. A lot of times Jim's Collision can polish out scratches saving you time and money! Stop by and have one of our technicians look at you vehicle. They will give you an estimate based on your particular case.

How long do I have to wait to wash or wax my car after new paint has been applied?
Your car can be washed whenever you feel the need to. It is important however for the first 30 days that it is ONLY washed by hand, NOT a brush. We also encourage you to wait 30 days to wax your vehicle. You want to make sure that the paint has had a proper amount of time to cure before you apply any products meant to protect your new paint job. With a good waxing, salt and dirt will have a harder time building up and are easier to wash off!